Monday, 14 December 2009

Clemmie not a well little girl today, just as we thought she was getting better, she seemed to go downhill this afternoon, pulling at her ear and crying. My first thought was that she had an ear infection, (having gone through the same with Freya and Finn when they were little), a trip to the doctor confirmed this and antibiotics were administered. here's hoping she is back to her happy self soon..


  1. Poor little thing - it's so hard when they can't explain what's wrong, isn't it? We have a sprained finger as the total of children's ailments today (no sports until after Christmas and an interesting splint), so I count myself lucky...

    Hope those antiboiotics get to work quickly.

  2. Tis the season for fun, frolic, and every cold and flu germ around! I am praying hard the rest of you stay healthy, and all of us as well!!!! :)

  3. Oh poor Clemmie - get better soon :O) x x x