Friday, 11 December 2009

coughs, colds and clarinets...

A quick blog tonight as I have to get on and paint the walls of the new loft room with PVA, apparently this seals the new plaster walls so that you don't need to apply as many coats of paint. I wish someone had told us that last year when we had to use four coats of paint to cover the newly plastered kitchen walls.
Freya took part in a musical afternoon at school playing her clarinet, Chris had to attend as I was working, apparently all involved did very well, so well done Freya !
Finn had a dress rehearsal in church this morning for his nativity performance on Monday evening (he is Joseph). He is not impressed to be missing the Cubs Christmas party though, neither is Freya who is not actually taking part in the nativity but has been told she has to because it would not be fair if she got to go to the party and she did not.,(harsh parents?).
Clemmie has a chesty cough coupled with a temperature and has slept most of the day as she is apt to do when feeling unwell. I think Hebe may be heading the same way, so a quiet weekend looks in order.

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