Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I was lucky enough to recieve some great craft books for Christmas........

SEAMS TO ME - ANNA MARIA HORNER: I enjoyed reading this book and it has some great back to basics information, the photographs are very colourful and has some lovely projects. Anna Maria Horner also writes a great blog at annamariahorner.blogspot.com

Fantastic patchwork ball from SEAMS TO ME....

I have been looking at various Japanese craft books for a while, and put this one on my wishlist.  ZAKKA SEWING BY THERESE LASKEY AND CHIKA MORI. In Japanese Zakka means 'household goods', refering specifically to hand-sewn items for domestic use - tableware, kitchenware, containers of various kinds, even simple clothing. This is the first authentic Zakka book for English-speaking crafters.

The projects have easy to follow instructions as well as intresting insights into Japanese culture and zakka tradition.

This is a project to make sashiko placemats.  Sashiko - is a traditional Japanese embroidary stitch, something else I have been (st)itching to have a go at, Sashiko kits can be bought surprisingly reasonably priced from http://www.eurojapanlinks.com/ . They sell a pack with two panels, one panel with the geometric design marked on (markings remove with washing)  and the other plain, so you could make it into a cushion, placemat or bag etc.  I will post when I have had a go..

PATCHWORK STYLE BY SUZUKO KOSEKI. Another book created in the distinctive Japanese craft style - and published in English for the first time.  A truly inspiring book with beautiful photographs and stunning projects.

Gorgeous quilts......

I have made many sock monkeys over the last few months which always prove popular and never cease to make me laugh with their funny faces and over long limbs..

SOCK AND GLOVE BY MIYAKO KANAMORI. Another Japanese craft book published for the first time in English.  The step-by-step instructions are aimed at a complete beginner, having made similar things before I would be aware of a quicker way to produce the same results. Lovely pictures and a new take on an old favourite...


Great Zebra....

Right, I'm off to sit with the children (sent home from school at lunchtime because of the snow - virtually unheard of here in Lytham !) to watch a DVD and get started on the sashiko....


  1. I am crazy about that patchwork book! I have never made patchwork on the sewing machine - I've always done it by hand, but I think that will have to be my New Year's Resolution. Happy New Year to all of you!

  2. Its great isn't it, and makes it look so simple !

  3. Am already in love with the squirrel teacosy. I have been looking at a Japanese quilting book by Julia Davies, but will take a look at these craft books too. I love the sock dog!