Sunday, 7 March 2010


I have been thinking about those simple pleasures that make us happy today, these are some of mine;

  • Being able to have the occasional lie-in while the older children sort out breakfast for the younger ones..

  • Listening to Clemmie's ever increasing vocabulary as she talks to herself whilst playing..

  • Sewing in my new sewing room with everything I need to hand..

  • Baking..

  • Spending time at our allotment (there is not a quieter place)..
I asked Chris and the children what their simple pleasures were;

Chris said "A bubble bath" !

Freya said "Painting"

Finn said "Playing football".

Hebe said "Listening to stories"

and Clemmie said "Pink"!


  1. I can understand 'pink'!

  2. I think a lot of us will understand the pleasure of 'pink'!

  3. Well, I agree with Chris, actually! I love this idea of focusing on the simple pleasures. I shall ask my family about theirs.