Sunday, 27 June 2010


This week I have (at last) learnt to crochet, something that I have been wanting to learn to do for such a long time.

After being disappointed by the lack of crochet books in the local library, I turned to the web and came across the video tutorials by Pip at Meet Me at Mikes, she has a whole series of them called Crochet school which has 10 lessons starting from the very beginning, how to hold your hook, make a slip knot etc.  Pip then goes on step by step to show you how to crochet a granny square.
These are my first attempts and I am really pleased with them...

I have come across some fantastic crochet blogs this week in my searches, Attic 24 is written by Lucy, who has some gorgeous patterns and tutorials, below is the start of a birdie decoration that can be found on her blog.

When it is finished it should look like this.. Mmmm not sure I have actually started mine right, may have to pull that out and start again, but I will get there in the end !...

Photo - Attic 24

I think now that I know the basics I can have a go at other things, I found these lovely African flowers via Jo at Bearpaw,

photo - Jo- bearpaw

Jo posted about the very talented  Elizabeth Cat who has the most gorgeous crochet on her blog,  she also has a flickr group for the above African flowers which also has  Free pattern for African flowers.

So, now that I can crochet I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, whilst doing something I enjoy !


  1. well done, nice to see your progress pls keep showing us :) I'm actually quite jealous, been thinking of learning crochet for a while as a means of slowing down & relaxing in the evenings when there's nothing on the tv, thanks for all the links will be sure to check them out x

    ps a friend of mine who is new to blogging has joined crafty sunday but not sure she's told you pls check her out she makes beautiful cards & brooches

  2. Go for it! I admire you tenacity in finding tutorials and learning this! Maybe one day....

  3. Ohh Maria well done!! How good does it feel I was so excited when I finally mastered crochet!! Thanks for the tip about the african flowers - I'll def. be looking that one up!! Justine xx

  4. You've done better than me :)

    Am now using the yarn I bought for crochet to knit bunting with instead!!

    One day I shall try again!

  5. You go, girl, you are doing really well! You'll me making big granny square blankets before you know it. And flowers. Lots of flowers. I followed the links which you so kindly shared, great stuff!

  6. Well done, you're doing fab!
    I got as far as crocheting a few flowers and then gave up, I'm afraid, it just didn't come naturally to me.
    One day, I will try again!

    Beki xxx

  7. You are doing well! I've seen those African flowers on a few blogs - off to look at the pattern.

  8. Off your crochet topic, I saw your request for help with little mice, there's a free pattern here you might be able to adapt,

    Hope it helps.....

  9. Well done...looking good :)

  10. Thanks so much for the mention!
    You have done really well with those first squares, there will be no stopping you now, it is so addictive!
    I love Attic 24's stuff, that bird is adorable (I must make it asap!).
    Also check out
    Amazing Aussie crochet with some free patterns. I used her free 'wool eater' pattern recently and made this amazing blanket

  11. You've done so well here. I spotted the African flowers on bearpaw and loved their subtle use of colour - you'll have so much fun sitting in the sun with lots of plans to work on. Juliex

  12. Congratulations Maria , great job on the crochet , I was really into crochet years ago but have not done any now in many years but it is a wonderful past time .Have fun .

  13. Well, I'm not surprised you're good at it, as I've seen your other handiwork! Lovely results so far, and I can't wait to see the little bird. We'll both have colourful birds at home, then ;)

  14. Oohhhhhhh well done to you!!! You are doing well!! I really need to do some more myself as it is so therapeutic! Karenxxx

  15. well done hun! it will all come together im sure...and thanks for sharing the other blogs!
    Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comment Hugs Clare x weekend crafter x

  16. I tried one of these last looks brill, thanks for the heads up.
    Em xx