Sunday, 12 September 2010


This will be a short Crafty Sunday this week, not because I have not done much crafting, because I have been very busy and will be getting more so as there is a very exciting project in the pipeline, but I will save that for another day..

This week I have made lots of pump bags (you have seen plenty of those before I know), but have also made a few of these aprons..

I really like these aprons, both my 'little' girls have aprons of this style which they obviously use when baking, but I also pop them in my bag if we are going out to eat, great for protecting there clothes when they are to 'big' for a bib...

So that's it for today, we have a house full arriving shortly to help us celebrate Clemmie's 3rd birthday, so all that remains is to wish our #4 a very Happy Birthday...


  1. Oh how exciting! Big Happy Birthday to your little Clemmie!! Gosh I bet she's pretty excited to be having a lovely party. What a little cutie she is too.

    Love your aprons very much! Very beautiful fabrics too. Isn't it nice to be done with bibs? Our girls never complain about having to wear an apron when eating something messy either. Enjoy the party!

  2. Very nice! Happy Birthday Clemmie!! Hope you all have fun!!

  3. Such lovely aprons!

  4. Your aprons are lovely (and your daughter is beautiful!) Ive posted my Crafty Sunday item over on my blog (although Im never sure if I have to refer to Crafty Sunday beside it!x)

  5. Happy Birthday Clemmie :)

    Gorgeous aprons - a great idea to use them to protect clothes. Wonder if my 12 & 14 year old males would wear one?!!

  6. lovely choice of fabrics as always Maria, just yummy !

  7. Hi. Lovely aprons. And i hope your little one had a great day !!!!

    PS. I am your pumpkin patch swap partner.
    So i shall contact you soon,to find out what you like and what you don't like.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Happy Birthday to Clemmie! I hope she had a beautiful party and day.

    Just wanted to pop by and say G'Day! I am your swap partner for the magazine swap! Hope you don't mind sending something all the way to Oz!

    Best wishes,

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Clemmie!

    Love those aprons, both the style and the fabrics, they are fabulous.

  10. LOVE the Apron fabrics.. you have such good taste :) Your kids are so beautiful! I can't believe you have FOUR and are still sane! How do you pronounce "Hebe"? Is Clemmie short for anything? It's funny, we actually considered Freya AND Finn as potential names when I was pregnant :)