Sunday, 26 September 2010


Sunday again ! I just don't know where the weeks are going at the moment, although we have been in a bit of a birthday whirl here..

Clemmie had her 3rd birthday a fortnight ago when we had a house full of family, then last weekend her and Hebe had a joint birthday party for their friends, and today is Hebe's 5th birthday...

My crafty Sunday is a bit of a cheat this week, as I did not actually make it..  It is two gifts that the girls received from my friend Kate (Mum to Elliani and Keisha)...

 Kate made them the most gorgeous heart shaped name plaque for Clemmie..

And the equally beautiful name hanging for Hebe, which looks stunning hanging on the end of her bed..

I was just saying at the beginning of the month about homemade presents and how I make and give a lot, but receive so few back, so the fact that Kate had taken the time to make these for the girls makes them extra special...

Thank you Kate x

Happy 5th Birthday Hebe xx


  1. You have had a busy time. The painted plaques are very pretty.xx

  2. Birthdays close together are a bit of a nightmare, are they not? We have that twice in our house. I hope your little people enjoyed their special days.

    What a lovely friend to make gifts for your girls! I love the plaques. Clearly we should all say that we enjoy homemade gifts more and perhaps we will receive more of them.

  3. The girls' pressies are lovely! Handmade gifts are so special.

  4. Happy Birthday Hebe ! I love the homemade gifts .Happy Birthday to Clemmie too ,I hope both girls enjoyed their days :-)

  5. The heart plaque and and name banner are so sweet and unusual, my children are grown up now, and I must admit to missing all the fun and excitement of planning birthday parties for them.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my pincushion.
    florrie x