Thursday, 3 March 2011


As you probably know it's World Book Day today, I was a little disappointed that the children's school did not have them going in dressed as a favourite book character as they have done in previous years, I have fond memories of  just managing to get a stripy jumper finished off the night before for for Finn to be Dennis the Menace, and still pulling bits of wool through an orange net to make him a black wig as we were going out the door to school, and cutting up old tights to make different coloured stockings for Freya to be Pippi Longstocking...

Anyway, to get back to the point....

I saw the idea for this bunting here at Amelie's House ,if  you have time have a look at the book character biscuits that she made for her children to take to school for World Book day, amazing....

I used some old Charlie and Lola sticker books that Hebe had completed, I ironed 1" bias binding in half down the length and slotted the pennants into the fold, pinned and zig zag stitched along in a contrasting thread...

I used what was left over from making the large bunting to make a smaller one to hang across the fireplace...

Great use of something that would have gone to be recycled, and a brilliant way to brighten up the playroom...

I am eying up some old annuals on Finns book shelf now (Beano would work well I think), and what about maps ?, the possibilities are endless......


  1. Great idea - I guess it would work with comics too??

    Mine are too old now for dressing up for WBD but I remember having fun with costumes.

  2. We had a mixed up day at school where all the classes mix up and we did book crafty stuff, I made little concertina books with my class, and bookmarks, they had fun. I do like your bunting though what a clever idea.

  3. What a fantabulous idea - they look great!

  4. I really like it and think the Beano and maps would be great!
    Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow!

    B xxx

  5. What a fab idea..thanks for sharing!
    What a shame your school didn't do anything!

    WBD is being celebrated tomo in our little one is dressing up as a stormtropper from
    Clare@weekend crafter xx

  6. Oh they look so beautiful and colourful! Well done Maria. Those sticker books have a very short life don't they? I must go and see what ones we have that can be upcycled. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Your bunting is great and so much quicker than fabric !
    We had dress up day and the older kids read stories one to one with the little ones.
    Sue x

  8. That's such a great idea! Our school didn't get the children to dress up either, but at least they got a book token!

  9. I love this idea- may have to make some of our own! xx

  10. That's such a great idea, it's added onto my 'to do' list!

  11. Great idea for decorating a kid's room.