Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Teeny tiny stiches...

Can you remember the post  here  back at the beginning of the month about the
Winterwoods abc's cross stitch sampler, ? Well, the pattern arrived as did the 28 count linen to make it on.
When I first saw the linen I did think, How am I meant to be able to do cross stitch on that ?, the weave looked so tight. But after a couple of false starts my eyes did actually seem to become accustomed and I could actually see where I was meant to stitch....
It was by no means easy at first, if you notice on the 'n' above which was the first letter I completed, the stitches at the top right are to big, I had to redo that, but then once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed making these images from teeny tiny stitches. The two younger girls in particular enjoyed seeing the images appear, and asked lots of questions, Which are you going to do next ?, Whats that ?. Why is the kettle bigger than the mug ?, that sort of thing.

Are you wondering why my sampler does not match the colours of the original in the top image ? When I printed off the pattern I did not realise that the ink was running out on the printer and therefore the colours were not true. I never thought anything about it, I just thought that was how it was ! Anyway a quite like my 'unique' colour choices..
I think the little house to the left of this next image is one of my favourite bits.
This was my very last stitch, I felt excited to have finished, but also a little sadness to have finished too.
 All I need to do now is to find a suitable frame.
Completing this cross stitch has inspired me to use cross stitch in some other projects, hopefully I will reveal those to you soon


  1. I couldn't stitch on that count nowadays, it is so tiny. I can just about use a 16 count fabric, but your linen looks so much more professional.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I have just ordered a Scandinavian pattern that is done on 32 count linen, just wondering if that will be a step to far !

  2. Well done on completing your cross stitch - it looks fab! I found your blog when searching for Orla Keily wrapping paper. Could I ask which store you bought yours from? I would dearly love to paper my bookcase but don't want to pay £60 for a roll of wallpaper! Many thanks.