Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friday's bake - on a Saturday...

This weeks Friday bake was made today (Saturday). The reason being that Hebe had seen this cake; 'Hebegebe' cake in River Cottage Handbook No8, Cakes by Pam Corbin and asked if she could make it, with her being at school yesterday, it was easier to make it today when she was at home,

The 'Hebegebe' cake is named after the authors dog Hebe, who scoffed the cake the first time she made it, and was thereafter named 'Hebegebe' cake in the dogs honour. Our Hebe loved this story. The cake is actually chocolate and courgette, a first for me, both baking and eating. Turned out to be a lovely moist cake that was delicious warm from the oven with a spot of cream. One to remember for the glut of courgettes that we will undoubtedly produce at the allotment later in the year.

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