Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday's bake

This weeks bake is rock buns. I have such fond memories of these from my childhood. My Grandy (my Father's Mother) nearly always had these in the cake tin when we went to visit. I also remember making them with her from this very book.

The book is a little BERO home baking book. I inherited this when Grandy died almost 22 years ago, it is very stained and I have lost the front cover, but is a book that I go back to time and time again.

Not sure why blogger has turned these pics round, but won't let me put them the right way !

 My Nana (Mum's Mum) must have had the same book, because the two cakes above were the cakes she always made. They looked exactly the same as the pictures every time she made them, there was never any deviation from how they looked in the book.
Every time I go to use this book, this piece of paper, written by Grandy I think, falls out. Vinegar Loaf ?, it sounds revolting, but at the same time I am intrigued. What would it be like ?

Maybe after all these years I should give it a go.


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  1. Rock cakes is a new one one me, but then I am not English. They look pretty YUM! As for the pictures, I have the same problem with blogger turning photo's - very annoying!!!
    The vinegar loaf actually sounds promising, thanks for sharing, I might have to try and just adjust to suit my gluten and dairy allergies.