Monday, 11 March 2013

the fairy house

Have you ever seen the film, Fairytale-a true story it is the story of two young cousins who lived in Cottingly near Bradford. In 1917 the girls took some photographs that appeared to show fairies. These pictures came to the attention of Sir Aurthur Connan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) who used them to illustrate an article he wrote. Sir Connan Doyle was enthusiastic about the photographs, and interpreted them as clear and visible evidence of psychic phenomena. He was not the only person who believed the photographs to be real, the girls managed to convince a large number of people to believe they were genuine.
Hebe and Clemmie are both quite taken with the film, Hebe in particular, and after watching it they spent a lot of time immersed in imaginative 'fairy' games.

In the film, the girls make the most fantastic fairy house.

Hebe asked ages ago if I would help her make a fairy house, we got as far as asking Dad to save twigs and sticks from gardening jobs, which then sat forgotten about in the garage for months.

She asked about it again just before the last half term holiday, and I promised that we would make it in the holidays.

And we did....

We started with a wooden base and built up the walls of the house from there, using a hot glue gun to hold all the sticks together. We used moss scraped off the garden wall to 'carpet' the house.

Made doors for the fairies to get in.

Furniture; love this little desk with lamp and book.

A bed complete with leaf bed covers.

The back of the house even has a washing line.

Table complete with 'food' in shell bowls. Ladders to move from floor to floor.

I must say I enjoyed making the fairy house as much as the girls did, and it became something that all children, and teenagers entering the house wanted to join in with the making of  . It was so lovely to see the children, (especially the older ones, who might think themselves to old for such things) so engrossed in it.



  1. That is utterly gorgeous - am sure you'd have queues of fairies wanting to live there :)

  2. The fairy house is fantastic. No wonder the children, and you, love it. I don't have a hot glue gun but am beginning to think I am missing out! Juliex

  3. OMG!!! It is MAGICAL!! What an amazing little fairy house, it is just to good for words, I will pin it on Pinterest today!! I also might have to find some inspiration for our little Fairy Princess party coming up in April. Oh, you've done yourself proud. Simpy WONDERFUL!! Oh yes, thanks for the tip on the movie, will have to check it out, it looks to be right down our street. xxx

  4. What an incredible house, I'm sure the faries will love it. It has been many years since I saw that film, must see if I can hunt down a copy. Wonderful!