Friday, 12 April 2013

friday's bake

This weeks Friday bake was actually made by Finn. He does enjoy baking, but does not get much of a look in with me and his sisters. He decided on Chocolate chip cookies from this book Bill's food - Bill Granger. It took him a bit longer than it should have as he had to go up to the shop to get porridge oats. he came back after having to go to the supermarket in town as the local shop did not have oatmeal, OATMEAL ! you went for porridge oats !, "Do I have to go back ?", Yes !.
So with the right ingredients and insisting he required no help what so ever from his mother, he set to making the cookies. "What do you think Mum ?", "Good Finn, but was that egg not meant to go in ?" .

If your going to have a cookie, I think that you need milk to go with it. The little ones, and the big ones actually, like their milk in these mini milk bottles with a straw. Brings back memories of school for me, not pleasant either as the milk was either solid with ice or warm from being left by the heater or in the sun in the cloakroom, yuk !

As for Finns cookies ? His sisters' verdict was "A bit crunchy". Such harsh critics....

Moral of the story, check you have all ingredients before starting to bake, and realise there is nothing wrong with asking/taking a bit of advice/help.


  1. A lovely post and gorgeous photography :)

  2. They look delicious! Well done Finn. I agree on the milk front, especially if you can dunk em, yum. Are those storage jars Orla Kiely? They are lush!!

    1. Thank you. No the jars are not Orla Kiely, but a very similar design produced by Matalan, bought last December.

    2. Great find, love them.