Monday, 20 May 2013

bits + pieces

are  you the sort of crafter that works steadily on one project until it is complete before you move on to something else ?, or do you have lots of different projects on the go at any one time ? i am most definitely in the latter group..

on my table at the moment are;

Scandinavian stitching,  very fine work on 32 count linen, i have to be in the mood for this and also need a bit of quiet due to the amount of counting involved.

i have long admired anne-claire petit crochet toys, so when i saw this patchwork family book that uses one of my favourite yarns, rico creative cotton i knew i had to have a go at making one. i chose to make this rabbit (i know it looks more like a dog, but it is meant to be a rabbit), i think i expected it to be about 12-15cm in height, (there are no finished measurements in the book), but it turned out huge, just over 56cm !

i do like knitted or crocheted toys, and another designer i have admired is julie williams of little cotton rabbits she has just produced a pattern for her bunny girl and bunny boy, they are for sale on her ravelry page. i have made a knitted rabbit a couple of years ago which i posted about here but i think that this is a nicer pattern.

i saw this cardigan that kate of foxs lane had made for her daughter, sometimes i struggle to find patterns now the children are that bit older, but thought this was lovely, so this is for hebe, but clemmie has asked me to knit her one next. it is knitted in the round from the neck to the hem in one piece and then the arms added, so no sewing up ! i have really enjoyed knitting this, although i have struggled with some of the knitting terms on the pattern that were different from the uk but with the help of some of the ladies on the forum for the designer on ravelry i am doing ok, only the sleeves to go. the pattern can be found here.

this is a simple little skirt is for clemmie, easy and quick to make and ideal for the summer. burda pattern 9502.

this is going to be a lacy scarf, one of chris's customers gave me some beautiful mohair yarn in this gorgeous deep red, i am using a pattern from a old rowan book.

the same lady also gave me this french double knit yarn that i made into a beanie/beret for hebe, it was strange yarn, it went thick and thin, this pattern used double knitting doubled up, so that's what i did, however it is massive on her ! and she could possible fall over under the weight of it ! think that this one will have to be pulled out..

of course there are always things that i should be doing instead of crafting, but sanding the stairs is really not much fun !


  1. I tend to be like you I think (except no cross stitch!). If I have a big project to finish, like a commission quilt, I will try to put everything else to one side until it is done....but I don't often succeed. The stairs will look great when they are done! Juliex

  2. You have some lovely projects on the go! I love the stitches in the first photo, especially. I always have a few projects on the go at once, I like to pick and choose as the mood takes me!
    M x

  3. Oh me oh my you've kept all this very quiet!! Like you I have a few projects in the go but Maria your work is AMAZING!!! I love the scandy stitches it's beautiful! Are you following a pattern for this and if so what is it? I to love petit and was just thinking the same thing a few weeks ago that I was going to give it a whirl so thanks for the tip on the book. Your knitting is fantastic I'm not a knitter but will hopefully one day teach myself. I love the cardi and would love one of those berets for myself. I'm suitably impressed!! Thanks for sharing its been a visual feast xoxo.

  4. Lots of fingers in lots of pies...that's that beret!