Friday, 10 May 2013

friday's bake

today's bake are apricot danish. the recipe is from In the mood for food by Jo Pratt its a great book which is split into 'mood'  sections, i.e. in the mood for being healthy; in the mood for some comfort; in the mood for being lazy etc etc, you get the idea.
These apricot danish are made from very accessible ingredients and are really easy to make.
I used ready rolled puff pastry which I cut into eight squares. brush the surface with egg wash (egg yolk & milk), add a spoonful of ready made custard into centre of each square, top with sliced tinned apricot, scatter with flaked almonds and sprinkle with icing sugar. then bring two opposite corners over to meet each other in the middle, brush with a little egg wash and pinch together. Brush all over with egg wash and dust with more icing sugar. Bake for 12-15mins 200c.

you don't have to use apricots, you could use, tinned peaches or pears, or fresh sliced apple, plums or strawberries.

 A frothy cappuccino would be the perfect match for these.

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  1. They look absolutely delicious. I will have to make these for the rest of the family. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Not sure whether you finally got my address? xo