Friday, 7 June 2013

friday's bake

friday's bake this week is orange sponge fingers with lemon icing. i had no time to bake this morning, so when i had the oven on and a chicken roasting for tea i whipped these up, i always remember my grandmother thinking that you should never have an empty shelf in your oven, if you had a pie, for example, in the oven, you might as well make up a cake to put on the other shelf. i think i tend to go with this too.

a basic sponge - 6oz, 3eggs - with a squeeze of orange juice added, bake in a shallow tray, I use a swiss roll tin, cool, cut into fingers, approx 18, then drizzle with glace icing made up with lemon juice.

i often make these when there is a cake stall at school, makes a change from cup cakes.


  1. My grandma worked on the same principle, so I tend to do it too. I often pop in a crumble if there is a space, or a cake to freeze.

  2. Crumbs, wish I had read this sooner. Was looking for some inspiration for a picnic snack and this was the ticket. They look wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend. Xo

  3. Those look lovely! I am never going to be thin...