Friday, 21 June 2013

friday's bake

i think sometimes the simplest things can be the best or tastiest. today's bake is gingerbread, i really like gingerbread, i probably like it best warm with custard,

no custard today though, just a drizzle of icing. tray bakes like this are perfect for lunchboxes as they travel well.

the gingerbread recipe came from this book, the young cook by audrey bradley. audrey is a very nice lady that chris started doing a garden for a couple of months ago, he was chatting to her about children etc this week and she gave him this book that she had written !. i'm not sure how long ago she wrote it and i can't find any mention of it when i googled, so i think it is no longer in print ?

its a lovely book of both basic sweet and savoury dishes to make, and i love the retro pictures.

audrey even signed the book for the children !


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  1. Wow how wonderful to have a signed copy!! The recipe looks delicious. We all love gingerbread here. Have a lovely weekend xoxo