Sunday, 22 November 2009


Well, the wallpaper saga continues, it is a Cath Kidston design called Antique rose in blue, but I can not find it on the UK website, but bizarrely found it on the US one which seems as though it has closed to amalgamate with the UK one, anyway I have emailed them to find out if I can still get it. I can't believe the wishes of a four year old has caused so much complication !

Talking of said child (Hebe) I bought her some new PJ's the other day with owls on and she has been asking me to make her an owl to match, so always one to oblige my children, here it is....

Whilst on my epic wallpaper name search I stumbled across this amazing blog of a lady called Catherine, her blog is called Check out the Children's cooker she made, it is totally gorgeous and even better, looks achievable ! Might have to squeeze in a bit of woodwork before Christmas..

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  1. your owl looks lovely, my little boy (he's 4) keeps asking for a brother or a sister! fliss xx