Friday, 20 November 2009


Well the market was surprisingly successful considering the weather, which was really windy, probably one of the windiest days in the last couple of months. The market is held on the plaza in the centre of town and is open to the 'front' (the estuary) so there is no protection from the elements at all. But I still made a respectable amount of cash and have a long list of orders so all is good, and a big thank you to everyone who came out to support me.

New books arrived in the post on Wednesday, CHRISTMAS GIFTS FROM THE KITCHEN BY GEORGEANNE BRENNAN (£3.99)and the brilliant MAKING CHILDREN'S CLOTHES BY EMMA HARDY (bargain price of £4.99).
Both from the BOOK PEOPLE.
Hebe spotted the wallpaper in this picture and has requested it for her and Clemmie's new bedroom! I think it could be a Cath Kidston pattern but am not to sure, if anyone knows please let me know.

I think that this poncho is one of my favourites, how great does the apple lining look ?

All just gorgeous and I can't wait to get started !


  1. Congratulations on the stall. I have just started a little blog shop and find that quite stressful, so how it sould feel to run a stall I can't imagine!

    The books look wonderful and I agree that the wallpaper is CK, although some bloggers will probably be able to give you the name and serial number, such is their passion for Kath! Little Gel would be a good woman to ask...

  2. I have spent all morning searching the internet for that wallpaper !! Can I find it ? Can I heck! I'm wondering if it has been disscontinued. How do I contact Little Gel?

  3. Drat, typo! Not Little Gel, Little Gem! How embarassing. She has a blog of the same name, which you will find on my 'I really enjoy these blogs' list. She is a student and crafter who has talked a lot about CK fabrics and their history, so I thought of her...

  4. Thank you Floss! I have found it on someones Flickr photostream, so now know the name but it is not on CK website, I have emailed CK to find out if they still run it so hopefully I will get sorted!

  5. Hi again - it will be great to have you in our Advent thing! I've been reading about how important traditions are to children at Christmas, which matches with your own experience about the Advent calendars...

  6. errr....that's my pleasure !! Not even a mention. I am not offended, honest :O) ha, ha !
    It was early - it was windy - it was tuppin cold and I still have the slap marks on my face from being wacked by your bunting and bibs in the force 10 gale ........ still, don't worry - I don't mind ;O)

  7. You know I appriciate everything you do. BIG THANKS TO REBECCA XX

  8. Arrr, thanks :O) it was my pleasure x