Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Another busy week, explaining why I have not posted for a few ( all right probably more than a few) days.

I had a lovely weekend after a parcel of Tilda fabric arrived in the post on Friday.

Hebe has been asking me for ages to make her a quilt after she saw a picture of a bedroom in Tone Finnanger's book Sew Pretty Homestyle. Her and Clemmie will be moving bedrooms in a few weeks so this seemed the ideal time to start making one for her (and one for Clemmie too I should think).

I have had a couple of goes at quilting before but this time I would like to spend more time on it and perhaps do some freestyle quilting on the finished quilt. As you can see from the picture it is very much a work in progress, but something that is very enjoyable and that I can see myself doing more of.

The 'Yummy Mummy' party booked last week was cancelled due to the vicars wife being ill, but I have been frantically sewing to prepare as much stock for the market stall on Thursday.


  1. I'm sorry that party was cancelled - it must make a real difference to your work if just one event is dropped. I've lost some private lessons through illness this week and the loss of income is very frustrating.

    That said, your quilt is coming along beautifully! Have you met Sarah at Red Gingham? She has made some lovely quilts too, and is a very friendly blogger.

  2. Seen a little snippet of your christmas goodies - will have to make sure I sew up my purse before I come to St Cuthberts!

  3. Thank you Floss I will have a look at Sarahs blog.