Friday, 6 November 2009


I can not believe that it has been over three weeks since my last post ! I set out with such good intentions as well! Never mind I'm back and hopefully with a little more commitment....

Freya had her 10th birthday, and as you can see was very surprised to receive her first mobile phone, we had said she would have to wait until going to High School until she got one, but is becoming steadily more independent and going places without out us so this seemed an appropriate time. I took her and six friends to the cinema to see Up in 3D and we all had a great time, the seven of them have known each other since Nursery and it was lovely listening to them joke and tease each other.

Halloween was the next celebration after Freya's birthday, it was to be a quiet affair this year (we usually have a party), as Finn and Chris were going to the Burnley match and Freya was invited out to a Halloween/Birthday party. We carved the pumpkin on Saturday morning, something that the older two had been badgering to do since the day before. I cut the top off and presented said pumpkin to four excited children only to have the two oldest disappear after a couple of minutes because it smelt! The two youngest persevered and finished the job Well done girls and Hebe was very excited to show it off.

Freya dressed and made up for her party... SCARY!!


I started up the Me and Ma parties again last week doing one for a friend and one for the Lytham Ladies Circle, both were successful and fun to do.

I have been making a couple more of these..

Exciting to get my new sewing machine this week, I plumped for a Janome in the end after much umming and arring and it is great, incredibly quiet and runs sooo smoothly.

I have spent most of the week in these! Where has all this rain come from? and more importantly, When will it stop?

Clemmie was obviously unsure of what wardrobe choice to make and so covered all eventualities with sunhat, dress and wellies!

On a final note (ha ha) a big thank you to my friend Becky who donated her unwanted piano to me. All I can say is its a good job she only lives in the next street...

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  1. We got a piano off Freecycle ... haven't got round to finding a piano teacher yet!!