Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Freya's quilt is coming along, another border of white and it will be ready for backing.

She chose some lovely Amy Butler fabric in her favourite colour green...

The outcome is that it has a real retro feel to it, I was not sure if she would like it, but she absolutely loves it !

I been making and selling a lot of these sock monkeys over the last couple of weeks, I enjoy making them and they make me laugh !

Finn and Chris are off to see Burnley play Arsenal tonight, that leaves me to get on and sand the walls upstairs for the final coat of paint....


  1. I am on tenterhooks every day to see how you creat your next numeral!

    The quilt is really beautiful - I like that retro feel.

  2. Hi Maria, I need a sock monkey, PLEASE !!.... if you r not sock monkey'd out that is ??!!... But this time it's for a girl :O)
    x x x