Thursday, 17 December 2009


Finn had his school disco this afternoon, Freya's would have been after school but she decided not to go (she has never really enjoyed discos).
Hebe had her first Christmas party at nursery this afternoon and had a lovely time, she won a packet of smarties for being the last one out in musical chairs and got to see Father Christmas came, what more could a four year old want...
We had snow ! It snowed for about half an hour after tea, four VERY excited children, I think that they may be disappointed in the morning though...

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  1. Your snow came to us! There are some pictures on my blog, but more importantly, a big thank you to you for your fantastic swap parcel! I really love what you've made for me, and I've gone into some detail on my blog about why, so do pop over and recieve a proper 'thank you'!