Sunday, 20 December 2009

I really need to start posting in the mornings, but having said that nothing will have happened, but I'm so tired some evenings I can't think what to write about.
Spent most of the day painting Hebe and Clemmie's new bedroom ready for the floor to be laid tomorrow, their new bunk beds were delivered yesterday, so when the floor is down we will be able to put them together...
Started making some stocking fillers, but more about them tomorrow.
What does Father Christmas like to eat and drink ? Finn thinks a glass of Baileys and a mince pie, Hebe thinks milk and a biscuit, Freya says he's probably not that bothered and I don't think Clemmie has an opinion. When we were children it was a glass of Whisky and a piece of Christmas cake. How about you ?...


  1. The children at my school were mixing oats with glitter to make 'magic dust' which they will sprinkle on the front path to guide Rudolph and the other reindeer! Apparently eating this will help the deer to fly.

    I have no proof of this tho

  2. He probably had to stay tea-total in my house - my mum and grandma were the last two generations of non-drinkers among the female side of the family! However, I am sure a mince pie was in order, so my vote goes to Finn's suggestion, I think! You could surprise him with something totally off the wall, like a salad, though!