Saturday, 19 December 2009

I went Christmas shopping today, nothing unusual you might think, but I don't really do shopping, I shop online (so much easier), anyway I wanted to get some stocking fillers for the children, so popped into town first thing.
Unfortunately I came away almost empty handed, every time I looked at something I either thought "How much !" or "I could make that", does that make me sound really tight ? (probably !), anyway I have decided to go down the make it line, just something else to do to add to the list !!
It is me and Chris's 13th wedding Anniversary today, we were going to go out to eat tonight, but its always a bit odd going out as a couple at this time of year as the restaurants are full of big parties and you tend to end up on a table for two pushed into a corner by the door !
Chris has been to M & S for treats and is cooking instead... We sound quite sad don't we..


  1. Oh, Happy anniversary !....what's Chris cooking up then ?....r u having a night off from the sewing to celebrate ? :O)

  2. Sad? Not at all. It's romantic. Who wants to spend an anniversary dinner in the company of bawdy voices and drunken laughter? Light a candle or two and enjoy. Happy anniversary. xx