Friday, 29 January 2010


SShhhh, Can you here that ? Silence, well quiet at least.  Doesn't happen very often around here,  not during waking hours anyway.  Chris and Finn have gone to Ikea to get wardrobes, the two little ones are watching a video (yes, we still have videoes, drawers full of them that we have been given over the years as people have moved on to DVD's), and Freya has gone to the cinema for a friends party.

I made this for the birthday girl, a little flat bottomed denim bag with an apple appliqued on the front from this great 'apple' fabric, the inside is lined with red gingham.  A made the matching purse/pencil case/make-up (at 10 !) case, with a central zipper so its easy to fit 'bits' into it....

I hope you like it Emily, and Happy 10th Birthday from all of us xxx

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday Emily!
    I love the bag. What a great design. xx