Monday, 11 January 2010


I often look at other crafters blogs (women in particular) and wonder where they find the time to do all they do?  Maybe their houses are really dusty and their children only have bread and jam for tea, or maybe they don't waste hours away looking at 'stuff' on the computer.

Perhaps they have just prioritised the things that they enjoy, to make sure that they do them really well. Has doing something we gain pleasure from and enjoy slipped to the bottom of our 'To do list(s)' ? Do you ever get the feeling that you have 'done' lots of things, but not 'done any of them particularly well ?  I do.

New research from Stanford University in America confirms that people who try to do too many things at once end up doing all of them badly. The researchers found that people who concentrate on getting one or two things right are the ones who succeed and move on speedily to the next thing.

So, does this mean that multi tasking is not only very tiring, but also a waste of time ?

I am therefore going to stop trying to do it all,;

* I will finish one task before going onto the next
* I will put myself first in a good way, not a selfish one
* Focus on the task in hand, not the one ahead
* Sometimes make myself unavailable

I will become that woman with time to do the things she enjoys, just after I have bathed the children, made the tea, painted in the loft, checked homework, read bedtime stories and cleaned up in the kitchen, Ha ha,
No, I really will.........

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  1. I've been thinking the same thing. Where do they get the time? I have every intention of crafting. Have I done any this year at all? No. I've tried the Quentin Crisp approach to housework, 'Dust doesn't get any worse after five years', but it's an aquired taste and the family complained. I guess I'll just have to stop feeling guilty if I do crafting during the day while everyone else is out. After all, I'm still at 'work' clearing up in the evening when they're home, dined and relaxing in front of the tv. Yes, I'm convinced that's the answer. xx