Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I made this using the freezer paper technique, I had never heard of this until I read about it on
http://www.lilbluboo.blogspot.com/ where Ashley has a number of tutorials.

I has never heard of freezer paper in the U.K. either (it seems to be an American thing) and could not find it in any supermarkets here.

I eventually found it at http://www.troll-uk.co.uk/   50ft for £3.80, I also bought fabric paint from there.

The paper is glossy on one side and matte on the other, the glossy side can be ironed on to fabric and peeled off again without leaving a mark. 

I printed the robot (download on Lilblueboo) directly onto the freezer paper, cut it out with a craft knife, ironed it onto the T.shirt, painted it, allowed it to dry, peeled off the freezer paper stencil and hey presto ! The paint needs 'setting' with an iron, but then you are good to go...

I havn't washed it yet, so that will be the real test, but as long as that's ok I think that this is a great technique with lots of possibilities.....


  1. Very interesting - I've heard it mentiond before, but dodn't really know what it was. Looking forward to progress reports (have just been reading dottie angel's and must have got the idea in my head!)

  2. I love the top. Thanks for finding the freezer paper, I'll looking into getting some soon. Looks like a fun project.