Sunday, 28 February 2010


I think that Lent is a time when a lot of people take time to reflect on 'things',  I have chosen to reflect on the my own 'special things'...

We all had a great family day out in Manchester today,  days out have been few and far between in the last few months, Chris has been busy with assignments, (only one more to go and then his four year degree is over !), or one of the children have not been well...

It was great time spend a day all together away from the business of home where there are so many distractions and things needing to be done,,,

Chris wrote this poem last year as part of an assignment and it sums up perfectly our family days out.....

Days out

They’re special,our days out

Always have been, always will.

They mean so much.

Time spent together, always a picnic.

Are we there yet? Babies asleep

Mp3 noise or a Nintendo DS

Radio on,

off if we are chatting

Bags of sweets,drinks,

snacks, raisins,

The sun in childs eyes,

move the sun-shield someone

Castles, seaside, walks, forests

Somewhere to play, football,

cricket stumps, blanket laid out

so we can lie down

By a river, in field,

Wet or dry we are not bothered.

Not always prepared,

but we will be next time!

Buckets and spades, ice cream

Chips and Fish, leftover sandwiches

Finding a bin, tired children

Take off muddy boots

Wet clothes, get changed,

blankets and cushions, snuggle up warm

can we have our music on,

changed when asleep

Tired faces some stay awake,

Some go to sleep, very quiet,

Reflective and smiling,

We head for home.


  1. Oh, it is SO good to watch closely and feel deeply when raising a family. You two are very smart parents.

  2. Beautiful - those days, those outings are treasures to store up. Childhood passes so quickly - it's lovely that you're making time, at such a busy stage of life, to spend time as a family, to make the memories.

  3. That is so special. I remember one year Ben worked solidly, well into the night, every week from November until February. He then took what seemed the sacrifice of a day off so that we could visit a dinosaur museum in the Pyrenees with the boys during their half term holiday, and the sense of release and freedom and recovering our family life was just wonderful.