Monday, 22 February 2010

Last week...

This week;

  • I have made a couple of these little dolls bed/pram sets;

They comprise of a quilt, sheet and pillow which all pack away into a little bag.

  • Hebe and Clemmie decorated the gingerbread house we made (I know it should have been done at Christmas, but we forgot !).

  • Chris took all four children out on his own for a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon, Freya came back with broken glasses and Finn had been sick in a cafe...
  • Freya got new glasses !
  • Chris's cousin Matthew came over to teach the children to play the guitar and ended up teaching me, have almost mastered Amazing Grace..
  • The girls all had a haircut
  • I made quite a few of these;

and these;

Altogether quite a productive week...


  1. I really like the dolls sets and the colours in the last writing set are great. I wish I was managing to be as productove as you....perhaps I should get off the computer?!

  2. There is not a better way to waste time then on the computer, "I'll just have a quick look at something", I say, and two hours later.....

  3. Hi
    Finally managed to catch up with your blog and I have finally worked out how to post a reply!!

    Love the dolls sets you have done. Wish the girls were younger so we could have one!

    How come you manage to fit in so much and always appear so calm whenever I see you?

  4. It's all an illusion, I'm like the proverbial duck really xx Thanks for commenting xx