Sunday, 21 February 2010


I have struggled to write my post this morning (I almost emailed Floss to say I would not be taking part), when Floss said she intended to do 'A pause in Lent', I wanted to take part as I had enjoyed taking part in 'A pause in Advent'. 

 I had not realised just how difficult I would find it to write about...  the posts I wrote during Advent were consciously written with no reference to religion and were more about my family's way of celebrating that time of year.

Writing about Lent with no religious connection seems more difficult and I obviously do not want to cause any offence to others..

I found this information on
The name ‘Easter’ derives from ‘Eostre’, the goddess of rebirth
after the barren winter. Almost everyone feels happier as the days grow
longer and warmer, flowers and leaves emerge, and the birds start to

Our ancestors, who would have been cold, hungry and confined to
smoky dark homes for most of the winter, would have had even more
reason to feel happy, and they would have enjoyed feasting on the last of
their winter stores and some fresh foods, knowing that there would be
plenty more over the summer.

Even now, people who live in places with
harsher and longer winters than ours ( Eastern Europe , the Alps) seem to
make more of Easter festivities and decorations than we do.

Fasting and
feasting, as in Lent followed by Easter, derive as much from the rhythms
of the seasons as they do from religious tradition.

So I suppose Lent to me means looking forward;  to longer days, more time spent outdoors and to new growth (not just in our environment but in ourselves - trying new things etc)

My family celebrate Easter by enjoying a few
days off work, turning off the central heating and opening the windows, but mostly spending time with family and friends (more of those traditions to come)....

So there you have it, not the traditional take on Lent maybe, but a different take....


  1. I really like that thought about how Easter is given such importance in places where the change from winter to spring is most significant, Maria - I'm so glad you've posted, because I for one would be disappointed, rather than offended, if all the Pause for Lent posts had the same 'feel' to them!

  2. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. It is in our differences that we learn from each other. so glad you posted this.

  4. I enjoyed your post in all its honesty. There are so many mysteries right in front of our eyes, aren't there? I find the commercial expressions of Easter fascinating. The egg, for example. What IS the lesson in the egg? My heart LONGS for spring this year. It's snowing in Denver - AGAIN! It's nice to "meet" you!

  5. I like the idea of marking the big celebration by opening windows and turning off the heat!...and I enjoyed the link to the humanism spot.