Friday, 12 March 2010

I have had a really busy week, but have managed to get lots done, it always seems that the busier I am the more I can get done, not quite sure how that works, but as someone once said to me, "If you want something to get done, ask a busy person"...

I made another one of these nappy bags, it is made from a Amy Butler pattern, her patterns are not for the beginner and can seem overwhelming when you first read through them, but when you actually come to make them up with the fabric in front of you they seem to make more sense..

This one is made with lovely charcoal grey cord, lined with a large spot fabric and finished with an appliqued flower,

This T.shirt was an order for a six year old's birthday present, I love the way people will ask me for a 'present for a six year old girl' for example, and leave the rest up to me... I knew that this little girls mum owned a bag shop, and thought the handbag T.shirt quite apt.

Another T.shirt , this time with appliqued stars.

I have had a run on these customised/personalised hoodies of late, four this week !

These two have just been picked up for two lucky girls...

Another request, this time for 'A present for a 11 year old girl, who is not particularly girly' !, this canvas was what I came up with.

I have started to make up some samples for my new Spring/Summer clothing range, I am very pleased with this simple little top,,,,

I think the ribbon and ric rac finish it off nicely....

I never know where to put the tags, not sure whether people want my logo to be seen on the outside of the garment or not, tried out this way and think it looks quite good...

Not sure about these 3/4 length capri pants, I think I like the frill, but not so sure about the ribbon bows at the waistband, maybe a touch to much ?

The only downside to being so busy is that I keep forgetting non business things that I am meant to do, this week I realised when listening to other parents outside Hebe's Pre-school talking about receiving letters about school places for September that I had not applied for Hebe !!  Luckily there is space for her and I have now filled in the relevant form and sent it off....


  1. You have been so busy and productive! I love the things you made - maybe the handbag T-shirt most of all, but also the nappy bag, which really takes me back...

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog in the middle of it all. I like the idea that frosts will make my linens whiter. The strong summer sun certainly does (even with grass stains), so perhaps the frost does too!

  2. Once again, I love the nappy bag.

    I think your clothing looks intriguing - its very pretty and would appeal to me for my wee girl. Personally, I'd miss off the bows on the capris waistband but the frill at the bottom is lovely.