Sunday, 14 March 2010


Mother's Day and my Birthday are the two times in the year when I have breakfast in bed and I love it, this morning was no exception.

I lie in bed listening to Chris and the children preparing the breakfast tray downstairs, and chuckle to myself as I hear them all coming up the stairs, "Who's got the cards ?", "I want to carry the tray", "Can I give her a present ?", "Sssh, you will wake her up"!, as though I have slept through all that !

Such a simple thing, but gives so much pleasure...


  1. Oh lucky you...My twin girls woke at 5.30am! I was spoilt for the rest of the day though. Happy mothers day..I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Breakfast in bed, eh? After 17 years of being a mother I have never had the day acknowledged by my husband. The kids give me homemade cards which are lovely, but as far as husband is concerned it's just another Sunday.
    So this year I decided to change all that. I booked us into a restaurant, got myself the Julie and Julia dvd to watch and sent husband out with kids to get me a pressie. I hate to pressurise, but hopefully next year he'll remember the fuss I made and do it all by himself!
    Hope you had a lovely day. xx