Friday, 30 April 2010


It was only when I cleared out the two little ones wardrobes last week, put away the winter clothes and brought out last years Summer ones, that I realised just how much they have grown, particularly Hebe.  Hebe's outgrown clothes obviously get passed down to Clemmie, but quite often the tops are stained with goodness knows what and end up being cut up and recycled for various things, so she ends up with a real mismatch of clothing..

So, I decided that a bit of dressmaking (if you can call it that !) was in line...

I made a couple of these little cotton skirts which were very easy to make and use very little fabric.  I think they will be great to just throw on in the Summer..

I also made co-ordinating T.shirts to go with the skirts..

Hebe asked for T.shirt's with a BIG flower and a BIG apple, so who was I to argue..

Clemmie asked for a strawberry and  a spotty apple....

Next week some little cotton trousers....

After making Hebe's pump bag earlier this week one of the children I have after school asked her Mum if I could make one for her...always happy to oblige...


  1. Those new outfits are so darned cute!

  2. Now all I need is a little girl to dress those in!!! Sooooo Cute. Kx

  3. Holy smokes! So cute! What lucky wee lasses you have!
    I am no where NEAR ready to post yours, and am going to hold off on opening my *new* apron until yours is in the mail.... am hoping next week!??! I have house guests on the weekend, 2 birthday parties, client meetings and oh yeah, full time work, it's bus!! But never fear, it WILL get done (along with all those other deadlines! hahah!) Thanks for your comment.