Monday, 3 May 2010


Karen at posted a brilliant tutorial on how to make these paper lanterns, find the tutorial here.

I made these ones and was surprised at just how easy they are to make and how brilliant they look.

I used patterned card for mine as that is all I had to hand, Karen used some really great double sided wrapping paper for hers, so you could see the pattern on the inside too.

I could have gone on and on making these, but I only had a handful of split pins that I found in the bottom of a draw...

But when I stock up on more supplies (and find out where to get double sided wrapping paper), there will no stopping me...

They will be strung up all over the house, or perhaps piled into a bowl on the table, hung up outside on sunny days, etc, etc,  the possibilities are endless, just imagine lovely orange and black ones for Halloween or really bright ones  for a Birthday party...


  1. These are lovely! About your comment - I think I will need to get Ben to explain who that weight works - it just DOES work, from my very basic physics! He wants to change the design slightly so that it closes even when pushed to its furthest limit - at the moment it catches a bit...

  2. They look fab, I was luky and got my Cath Kidtson paper from a shop near wher I work in Battle, but I think the card ones work well they could be even better as sturdier...Kxx

  3. They are fantastic! Garden parties, BBQs, they will look great everywhere. I'll have to make some for the summer.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I can see them in a garden for an evening party....

  5. If ben would have time for a quick email I would really appriciate it Floss, Thank you :)

  6. They are so delightful. Thanks for this post I am going to make these for a fundraising function I am decorating for. I think thay are just darling!