Thursday, 6 May 2010


A friend who works in a local Primary school gave me these wooden trays a while ago.  I think the children used them as jigsaw trays to build their puzzles in.  Anyway, they were throwing them out and said friend brought them to me..

I ummd and arrd for a little while, first of all I was going to paint them with blackboard paint and make them into little blackboards..

But then I saw some cork boards in a magazine and thought I would have a go at that..

I bought some sheets of cork from who I regularly use for anything 'crafty' I need.

Cut, glued into tray and voila !..

I finished each off with Scrabble letter names...

I made a mess of cutting out Clemmie's, I measured one tray without realising they are all slightly different sizes.. will have to get some more cork board and start again with hers...

Finn was not to impressed, "It's a bit small, Mum", was his comment, but I think when they are all hung together...

They will be the ideal place to pin those slips that I always seem to have to sign for something or other and return to school. the children could grab there slip/note on their way out the door..

Sounds very organised doesn't it, we will have to see if it will work in practice..

These could just as easily be made by taking the glass out of a picture frame and mounting the cork
in the frame instead...

And finally, just a little glimpse of something I am working on, more to follow...


  1. Good idea, and I love the re-use of old school things!

  2. Very good idea indeed. Good old Fred aldous, I used to buy lots from them!