Friday, 14 May 2010


I have made odd baby bits for people in the past, but I have wanted to do a full co-ordinating baby range for a while now.. 

I have started putting things together, firstly this nappy and wipe holder (I have been trying to think of a better name, but have not come up with anything yet, so any ideas would be welcome)..

It is the perfect size for carrying a packet of wipes and a couple of nappies when you are past the big nappy bag stage, it can just be popped into your everyday bag..

Next, co-ordinating bibs...

I intend to make a larger changing bag, changing mats and burp clothes.. for both girls and boys ..


I have received two swap parcels this week, the first was for the Red Gingham  apron swap, I was partnered with Megan at Team Reddick..

Megan put a lovely card in with the apron with a note about the fabrics, the main fabric was left over from a dress her Nana made for Megan when she was a baby and the fabric used for the ties and pockets was left over from a baby quilt Megan made when she was first engaged to her husband and which was used as a crib blanket for her first son....the thought and story of the fabrics made this seem like a very special apron indeed...So thank you very much Megan, I really appreciate what you made for me..  I hope that you like your apron just as much, when it eventually arrives that is !..

My second parcel was for the fairytale swap organised by Vanessa at Hapi-ness, I was partnered with Beverley from Miss Creativity and she chose to send me a parcel based on Cinderella and Mother Goose..

A lovely parcel of fabric, ribbon, stickers, seeds and best of all these great rubber gloves that just make me want to smile...

Washing up will never be a chore again with these beauties upon my hands...

I had no sooner stopped admiring said rubber gloves and left the room for two minutes, when returning found two little people had swiped them..

I don't think so girls !..

I big thank you Beverley, I have just about finished yours which should be with you early next week..

Finally, don't forget Crafty Sunday on Sunday (surprising that !) and please join in, copy the button up at the top left and paste onto your blog, if you leave me a comment to say you will be joining in I will add you to the list of participating bloggers.. I would love to see what you have crafted this week..

Have a lovely weekend xx


  1. What a pretty apron, and how lovely that there is a story to go with the fabric.

  2. Oooh, you are in the apron swap as well! The apron you received is fabulous!

  3. I love the baby stuff, the bibs are so cute. I had a nappy pouch thing (in boring black)that was really neat, about the same size as yours but the whole thing un folded to a flat change mat. Made like how an envelope would be put together, then Velcro to close. Just an idea, hope you get me ?

  4. Glad you like your parcel and I hope the washing up gloves stay with you not your girls. I put the stickers in for them I hope that was OK. Have a lovely weekend
    Beverley x

  5. Hi Maria, thanks for popping by and joining in my swap. It's a great turnout so should be good I hope. Have a great weekend. xx Pixie xx

  6. Hi there, I am really sorry to say that you are too late for the Fresh Modern Bee II but if you go to

    there are new bees starting the whole time. Your blog is gorgeous and I will add it to my blogroll of UK quilters.

  7. I love the apron, what a lovely story behind it.
    Count me in for Crafty Sunday & I'll join in when I can :)

  8. Love the nappy and wipe holder, think I may give one a go for myself with the lovely animal fabric you sent me.
    What a lovely story behind the apron!
    Hope you're having a good weekend

    Beki xxx