Sunday, 23 May 2010


Thank you to all new bloggers who have asked to join in with Crafty Sunday this week, all participating bloggers are listed in the left sidebar, I look forward to seeing what you have all made this week...

The thing I like about Crafty Sunday, is that the things I have made so far have all been things for me or the family, rather than things I have made as orders for other people..It gives me the perfect excuse and also the momentum to make something for us..

This weeks 'show' has been inspired by Bekimarie's  post last Sunday, she made some lovely little stuffed Russian dolls from some fabric I sent her as part of Crafty Helen's  Fabric Addict Swap..

I dug out the rest of the Russian doll fabric and decided to use it in a Picnic quilt for when we have our family days out...

I used the Russian dolls as the centre pieces of a wonky log cabin style block, using up lots of scraps I had left over from various projects.  When I ran out of dolls I just made multi coloured log cabin style blocks.

I used some stripy fabric to border the blocks that I bought from Ikea a number of years ago..

This fabric is also Ikea and was found in the Children's department where it is sold in 3m rolls for less than £5.00 ! (The thing with Ikea is that different stores seem to stock different fabric, this was bought when we popped into the Leeds store on the way home from a day out, however, Warrington which is the store where we usually shop may not have it, I will have to wait and see.)

I bound the quilt in red gingham.  It is all a little rough and ready, but I really wanted to get it finished so we could use it this weekend. And as Lynne at  Lilly's Quilts said this week..

" Unless you can see the mistakes when you're driving past the quilt at 30 mph, then you needn't worry.

I used this great big circle fabric (Ikea again) for the backing, it was made up into curtains in Freya and Finn's old bedroom and they were no longer needed in their new rooms..

I did not have enough batting for the quilt so used two Ikea (what would I do without Ikea!) fleece blankets instead, which has made it rather weighty, which I don't actually mind, but it was very bulky to work through the sewing machine..

All in all I am delighted with our new picnic quilt, now we just have to decide where we should take it for it's first outing..


  1. Sorry I haven't got anything to show this week, my current make is for a swap and I don't want to spoil the surprise but I am all set to create in the week ahead!

  2. That is gorgeous. love the ikea fabric, wish we could get great bargains like this back home. Sorry I have'nt posted about your dresses but I will get there! Still pondering about the quilting bee, not sure if I can do it since I am expecting baby no 4 in sept.

  3. Lovely fabrics and quilt! Sadly we are a long long way from Ikea, which is a shame when they do such great fabrics.

  4. Wow! Lovely quilt, Maria! xx

  5. great use of Ikea fabrics I always find them a bit much when all together displayed in store but this is really nice, wish I had a picnic rug like that, can we join you !

  6. I've blogged re my crafts on
    I wasn't able to show the crafts from this week since they are 'swap' orientated.
    I'm loving the Russian Doll Quilt!

  7. This is a fab quilt and I do really love those IKEA mini fabric bolts - so bargainlicious!