Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Julie and I are setting up A New Quilting Bee.  We were both disappointed to be to late to join in the one organised by Lynne we are boldly going ahead with our own..

You may spot some similarities between or rules as Lynne has kindly let us plagiarise her hard work.. Thank you Lynne..

The Bee is to be called Fresh and Funky with an emphasis on modern, fresh quilting using bright fabrics balanced with neutrals and whites..Inspired by the likes of redpepperquilts, jaybirdquilts and  of course lilysquilts..

WHAT IS A QUILT BLOCK BEE?  I here you ask.. Well, it is a group of people (in this case 15), each person is assigned a month in which their blocks will be made.  That person describes what sort of blocks that would like made and sends a fabric bundle to make said blocks to the fourteen other people in the bee..With me so far ?

When you have completed the blocks you send them back to the person who's month it is and they can make them into a quilt for themselves. 
The next month it all happens again with someone else in the Bee having a turn.  At the end of 15 months all members should have enough blocks to complete their quilts..

Easy !

So, if you are interested here are the Rules...

There are a few, but it just allows you to see whats what, so to speak...

1. Fifteen participants and 15 months. This means that if anyone has to drop out for any reason it would still leave the rest of the group with enough blocks to complete a quilt.  If everyone stays in we should all have between 15 and 30 blocks each (depending on how many blocks you ask the bee to make for you).

2. Start by leaving a comment on this post and leave us a link to your blog or flickr page.  Let us know your likes and dislikes regarding quilting, e.g. styles, quilts you admire, and the types of blocks that you enjoy making.  We will gather more info from each other once we have the final 15.
Our preference is for participants with active blogs/flickr accounts.  So we can be assured that they will be committed..

3. Once we have the final 15 we will assign months to each member.  This will be done through a Fresh and Funky Flickr group.  When it is your month you will post your block requirements/inspirations on the groups page.  You will need to send your fabrics to each member of the group so they arrive by this date (make sure you leave time for posting if we end up with international members in the group).  Before posting your fabrics post on Flickr mail that you are doing so to make sure everyone is still 'in', saves wasting fabric !

4. You can ask for one block or two and also specify the size of your blocks. Send enough fabric for the blocks you require and state clearly whether member can add fabric from their own stash.  Also state whether you would like the leftover scraps sent back or if the member can keep them.. Try not to make it to hard work for other members, please do not ask for anything you would not be willing to do yourself.  This is something fun for us all and we want to keep it fun..

5.When you are making the blocks you can post 'sneak previews' on the groups flickr page or on your own blog so we can all have a peep..

If you are running late or having difficulties completing the blocks in a particular month please let me or Julie and also the member you are making the blocks for know.

6. Communication will be key, so keep the group updated via flickr or through blog comments, and post photographs as well..  It is nice to see what each other are doing..

7. You will have until the end of the month to complete and post out finished blocks.. Leave a message on flickr when you have posted or if you are running late.  Also please leave a comment when you receive the completed blocks and then we all know where we are..

8.If there is anything you don't understand, shout out and we can sort it..

9. Lastly we will miss out December as I'm sure we will all be just to busy.  So that means if we start in July (hopefully we will be ready by then)  we should be finished by October 2011 !

10.                                                                          ENJOY !

      I hope reading all that has not put you off !  If not then go ahead and leave a comment and we can      
                                                                               get quilting..

          Once we have the final 15 you can post the Fresh and Funky button on your blog and we will link
                                                                           it to the Flickr group..

                                                                Ready, steady COMMENT !!


  1. Fantastic! I've advertised it on my blog too. If you're not flooded with enquiries within the course of today, an advert on Flickr seems to do the trick. I put mine on Fresh Modern Quilts but there's also Quilting Bee Blocks. Good Luck!

  2. Id be really interested in joining the bee. I'm partial for flying geese but am really open to any type of quilt or style. I have a blog,
    Karen xx

  3. Thanks again for your support Lynne, I think that we would have struggled without your help.. I will post on flickr later too..

  4. I'm going round and round in circles in my head - shall I, shan't I, shall I, shan't I? Would three bees be too much. But it would be such fun to be in a bee with you, Julie and Karen. And I love the name and the theme - bright funky colours and neutral sashings are my favourite quilts. And Deb at Make do and Mend has started stocking Kona in her Folksy shop. I'll put the shopping away and mull it over. Sooooooooo tempted!

  5. Oooo Lynne, we would love yoy to be in, three is not to many, just don't do any cooking or housework, and four children can surely take care of themselves..

  6. Hi Maria, I too am so very tempted! I am in Fresh Modern Bee 2 and like Lynne am wondering about the workload. I would need to be allocated a later month if I joined. Mmm let me think! I've linked to your bee and blog from my latest blog post too, hope you don't mind! Justine xx

  7. I'd love to join! I'm not in any bees as of yet, so count me in! I love anything modern, but I'd really have to think about the specifics. Can't wait!

  8. Still mulling...! I asked Mandy if three was too many and she said she thought it probably was but I'm still not ruling it out 100% because i know it would be fun.

  9. I tried to comment earlier...I guess it didn't go through! I'd love to join! I love anything modern, and right now I'm really loving log cabin blocks with many different fabrics. I'd have to think about it a bit longer to be sure what I want... Can't wait!!

  10. oooohhhh please please please can I be apart of this?
    If so I'll certainly be posting on my blog!

  11. Hi! I would love to be part of your bee. I am just getting started quilting, so I am experimenting with all kinds of different styles of quilts. Probably my favorite quilting website is Ashley's quilts from Film in the Fridge. I love Anna Maria Horner, Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Riley Blake, and many more. Basically, I just love fabric!!! My flickr account name is cce181. I do have a blog, but I would have to invite you to it since it is private. Let me know if everything works out and you get enough people. I look forward to hearing from you!!

  12. I am still very tempted but I just don't want to commit to something and let people down by having to leave early. I'm still going round and round in my head and the voice of reason says to leave it and wait and see how I cope with my two first. I am keeping an eye on the comments coming in though and will make a leap either way when you're up to about 12 partcipants!

  13. I'm very tempted to commit, but would like to let you know of my situation that will be up and coming. I will most likely be deployed from July/August until November so I wouldn't be able to do those blocks until I got back. I'm thinking I'll wait and join the next bee that comes along because of that, but if you're willing to work with it I am too!

    Oh, and I'm emmac350 on flickr. I've been quilting for 10 years, but only have made a few quilts as up until last year all quilts were handmade.

    emmafreester [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. Well, I'm defintely OUT, given that I had to get help to get my APRON done.. but it sounds great :)

  15. If I were more confident/practised in my sewing skills I would love to participate, but I am a beginner in all this. I have, however, mentioned your Bee in my post today and hope some of my readers will follow the link. xx

  16. I would love to participate! I haven't been in an online bee yet just followed them as people I know have done them. I really like block patterns with long rectangles in them and bright colors. My favorite fabric right now is Tula Pink's Nest, but I like almost anything.

    I do have a blog:

  17. I'd be interested in this bee - here's my flickr site:
    I'd love a bee with a fresh, modern focus!

  18. Are you still looking for persons to join? I think Fresh and Funky sounds like my style of quilting. I'd prefer to wait and start in August but I can manage to start in July.
    mrsvandergrijn at

  19. Would love to join in if there is space left...

  20. I've been thinking about joinging an online quilting bee for awhile now. I get inspired wjen I see others blog posts on the the topic and your bee seems like just the right fit.

    I've been quilting for just over a year and love funky, modern takes on traditional-ish blocks. I am also so excited about fabric by designers like Amy Butler and Prints Charming.

    I've only just opened a Flickr account (and I think sent you a message that way as well) but have a Facebook account I use like a blog at

    Hopefully I'm not too late, I'd love to be involed and get started soon!

  21. I hope I eek by and get in! Find me on the web here: (I'm due to go back and add some more recent SEWING photos) It would be my second bee!

  22. Sounds like fun. Any room left??
    I like trying new techniques. I get inspiration from everywhere (most recently from a pair of sneakers). I've never been part of a Bee, but am dying to participate in one!

  23. Crossing my fingers to see if I'm not too late to join! I've been blogging for a while, but am pretty new to flickr.

    I enjoy simple quilt designs that let the fabric be the center of attention. Love love Anna Maria and Denyse Schmidt, but really there are too many to list them all!

    You can contact me via Flickr or email at splendorfalls28@yahoo(dot)com


  24. Hi There,

    I'd love to join up if you have spaces still available? I'm fairly new to quilting (I've got 2 under my belt so far) and would love to step it up and become part of a bee, meet other crafty people etc.

    My blog is

    Thanks :-)

  25. I would like to join. My blog address is and my flckr name is maripenquiltmom. Be waiting to hear if I'm in. My email is