Sunday, 20 June 2010


My make for this week is something from one of my very first blog posts, and I have returned to make more of these this week.

I first saw the idea for these in a magazine that my Mother passed on to me, I adapted that idea slightly as the original 'beads' were made with tiny beads threaded onto the thread that is wrapped around each bead.  I wanted these to be children's jewellery and so wanted to limit the amount of small 'bits'. 

If I was making them for very small children I would not include any beads at all and just use the felt beads.

So here is what you do...

You start by cutting out strips of felt to the width you want your bead to be and about 15cm long.  Then pulling it taut start wrapping the felt around a skewer/knitting needle..

When you have your felt all wrapped up into your bead shape wrap it with embroidery thread and tie it securely..

That's it really, it is easier to keep the beads on the skewer/knitting needle until you need them, just keep pushing them up as you make more...

When you have your required number of beads, (how many depends on how big you want your bracelet or necklace to be, or if you are adding other beads) thread them onto some nylon bead thread.

I really like these and so do all the little (and some big !) girls I have made them for.  The other great thing is if they do manage to pull them enough to snap the bracelet then you do not end up with tiny beads everywhere (done that many times !)...

If you check out Annie at The Felt Fairy I think she will have packs of different coloured felt in her shop.

P.s Happy Fathers day to my Dad , Chris's dad and also to Chris from Freya, Finn, Hebe and Clemmie xxxx


  1. Love that!! So simple and yet so effective! Love the colourfull result!

  2. Anonymous20 June, 2010

    Love them - so effective. I may try these out, thanks. I have nothing to show again, I've been really down lately and haven't really done very much at all. I'm hoping to get my act together today and hopefully will be able to post later.xx

  3. What a great it!!! :)

  4. And I can't show my crafts for this week because they relate to two different swaps I'm involved in!
    But soon very soon I'm going to have some gorgeous vintage wonders to share!
    Watch my space!
    And I LOVE what you've been doing with felt!
    CAt xxx

  5. These are really pretty and its good to see something a bit safer for littler girls. Juliex

  6. This is a fantastic use for felt, simple and yet so effective.
    I'm hoping to do a childrens craft club at some point next year, I will pop this idea down in my little book if thjat's OK with you.

    Beki xxx

  7. Wow so effective i think i may have to give it a whirl x

  8. oh I like that, thanks for sharing a great rainy day project to do with my 6 year old, they are so effective :)

  9. What a great post and such a good idea, love it! Both my kids 12 and 4 would enjoy this with me. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. What a great idea. They are so very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you for the shout out = I really appreciate it! Those beads are really fab and funky - the finished necklace is lovely!