Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Have you seen this ?

I have been learning to crochet this week (that needs a whole post of its own !) and found some excellent video tutorials by Pip Lincolne of , anyway as I was on Pip's blog I saw this envelope project that she is doing.

You send Pip a decorated envelope to the address above, inside the envelope you pop any bits you like (must be lightweight), that are recycled, or handmade, such as a magazine cutting, photo, stickers, swap cards, piece of ribbon etc. Pip will display the envelopes in her Melbourne shop window, check out the pictures on her blog...

The project will run for six weeks (they are at day 9), at the end of that time an envelope will be randomly picked and ALL the items from ALL the envelopes will be sent to that person ! How cool would it be to win that ! As they say, you have to be in it to win it, so go on over to Meet Me at Mikes to join up and read the rules.

I think that this is a great idea for children to join in with (it is open to all ages) and my older two are very keen to join in and I think the younger two would enjoy decorating an envelope too...

It would me so cool if we saw our envelopes in a photo of the window across the other side of the world !

There are more photos on the Flickr group as well...


  1. Oh wow I love this idea I will definitely be joining in!! My head is already buzzing with ideas about what to pop into my envelope!!
    Em xx

  2. i am about to do this too! i love the idea... bridgetx

  3. I saw this a little while ago and thought it was a fab idea!

    Beki xxx

  4. how cool is that, off to check it out, thanks for the tip off :)

  5. That sounds really interesting, thanks for the heads up! looking forward to hearing about your crocheting!