Monday, 14 June 2010


It was Chris's dads 60th birthday (I know 60 ! it seems quite young really for a grandfather (my father is in his 80's), but he was only 18 when Chris was born...

We went out for Sunday lunch yesterday with Grandpa John and his partner Sue..

The children brush up quite well...

Just never seem to be able to get a photo of them all looking the same way !

I made new dresses for the younger two girls.  One of the nursery mums gave me some Laura Ashley fabric a few months ago and asked if I could make use of it, can I ever ! I think that it looks great with the Amy Butler Sunspots..

I made Freya a top ( it was actually meant to be tunic length, but I was chatting to a friend when cutting out and cut the front to tunic length and the back to top length !), using this Amy Butler pattern..

She chose some fabric last time we went to Ikea, I was not sure about it at all, but when it was actually made up I think the bold pattern looks quite good and suits her colouring..

Freya was very happy with it and has asked me to make more in different fabrics but in the tunic length, I think it would be nice done in cord and worn with bright tights..

We had a lovely meal, but the highlight for the children was going back to Grandpa Johns house for cake..

And for a balloon fight !....


  1. Well done on the dresses....they look really good. Seems that everyone had a great time. 60 isn't old to be a grandfather - my husband is a grandfather to 3 and he is only 50 [became a grandad at 42]

  2. LOVE those dresses and the tunic Maria, the dresses are SO sweet and that fabric is perfect with the sunspots for border. The tunic has come out really well too, very grown up! I bought the other tunic pattern from Amy Butler but haven't tried it yet (next month!) They all look great!

  3. They all look so pretty, gorgeous fabrics.

  4. Glad I am not the only one who cuts two different lengths. I did the exact same thing over the weekend but I did not have an excuse only the fact I had a blond moment. Anyway I love the top length.
    Beverley x

  5. Lovely swing top! I agree it would look great in babycord for the winter! My Mr. G is a mere 36 and having had his eldest at 17, he is now the father of an 18yr old, just think how young we'll be when we get made grandparents!! I don't dwell on the matter - Josh has been warned our baby making days aren't over yet and we certainly don't want to be new parents/grandparents at the same time - how weird. Justine xx

  6. Must have been the weekend for 60th birthday celebrations - we had a party for my Mum yesterday.

    Love the dresses & tunic you made for your girls - gorgeous :)

  7. I really like Freya's top, it's very 60's. Gillx

  8. Your girls looked very smart in their pretty clothes. I love the pattern for Freya's top. Shame about cutting it wrong! Never mind, it looks great anyway. The little girls dresses are the cutest and free fabric always looks even better on.

  9. The little girls' tops are lovely and Freya's does really suit her. I'm sure that pattern will be really useful - do you have one for yourself planned? Juliex

  10. Ahhh the kids look so cute!!!! You commented that you could'nt crochet on my post, well you can certainly sew and very clever too!!! I am jealous!!!! Have a great week karenxxxxxx

  11. oh the little ones look soooooooo cute ! it must be a great feeling seeing all the girls in your creations :)

  12. your children are lovely