Sunday, 13 June 2010


This week I am showing the tin can tea light lanterns that I made for the That Little Bit Greener swap, I sent these to my partner Dawn of  Life on the east coast..

I started by filling the washed out cans with water and putting them in the freezer until frozen..

Then I used a hammer and this handy tool that I found in the tool box (bradle ?) and punched a pattern around the tin, I did mine by eye but you could mark it on with pen and wipe off after.  The ice in the can stops the tin from denting as you punch the holes in, but you do need to hold it with a cloth as it sticks to your hands ! I worked on a chopping board with a towel on to stop the can moving around to much..

When you have finished punching your pattern, defrost the ice from the tin with hot water.  I made little handles by threading beads on to wire and attaching through holes on each side of the tin..

And voila , tin can lanterns, I think they would be even better sprayed in bright colours.
Ideal to line up along the table when eating outside..

A friend came in when I was making these and said she had just been looking at some in M & S !


  1. Anonymous13 June, 2010

    These are so sweet - and very cleverly done.xx

  2. What a clever clever idea!
    About to post my crafty Sunday now

  3. What a nice idea, would brighten up my bbq

  4. Very clever idea and so pretty - I'm going to pass it on to my mum. She and dad are having a ruby wedding party in August and are hoping to be outdoors in the evening. Juliex

  5. Hi Just discovered your great blog and will follow you. Your lanterns are great !

  6. I love them and I will be having a go myself. The idea, filling with water and freezing is good I would not have thought about that and finished up with squashed cans....Well done you!
    Beverley x

  7. I was wondering how they were made! Very clever.
    Glad your parcel has arrived.

  8. great post thanks for the lesson, would never thought of the ice bit, would've ruined loads by denting them so extra thanks !

  9. Love them, will be trying this when we move, can just picture them in my new garden :)

    Beki xxx

  10. I just found six tins that I froze last year, still in the bottom of the freezer. I really ought to put some holes in them. I like the handles you made.

  11. It's a bradawl, just so you know.... ; )