Saturday, 12 June 2010


I have been very lucky today, receiving two swap parcels...

The first was for the..

The 'That Little Bit Greener'  swap organised by Rachel and Emma at That Little Bit Greener.

I was partnered with Dawn from Life on the East Coast.

Here are all my parcels wrapped up in brown paper and wool..

and here they are in all their entirety..

This great book that has made me laugh with some of the ideas (such as filling tights with flour to shake over your pastry !), there used to be a programme that was on a few years ago and quite late at night that gave tips like this e.g. if you rub your bathroom mirror with a potato it will not steam up !... such things do make me giggle for some reason, but there is a lot of useful tips in here..

Some organic chocolate, a 'no chemicals' cleaning cloth, thrifted fabric covered buttons, handmade soap (smells gorgeous) and some seeds..

And lastly Dawn crocheted this string bag from Rowan Purelife recycled yarn, I have a string bag that I keep in my normal bag in case I need an extra bag, mine is neon orange !, this will definitely replace that one and I am sure you would agree is very pretty on the eye.

So, I big thank you to Dawn, I love all my gifts x

My second parcel was for the

organised by Deborah at Fondant Kiss..

I was partnered with Julia Jules at Home and she sent me this parcel with the most lovely cupcake card..


Julia, like Dawn is someone else that I am in awe of as they can crochet...(I can not, yet, anyway !)..

Inside the parcel was this beautifully crocheted little pouch, that is lined with lovely fabric...

And inside the pouch.. a gorgeous lavender scented hanging heart..

 Julia had also included the pattern for the 'little fans' that the pouch is made in, so when I eventually learn to crochet I can have a go too !..

So thank you to Julia, I adore my little heart x


  1. Weren't they both wonderful parcels? Full of crochet... (which I can't do either).

    I think my Green Swap parcel may be in our post box- I haven't been to check it today! I'm off to the gate now...

    And thanks for your lovely comment the other day.

  2. Phew! Thanks, Maria - so glad you like it (the fabric is Liberty lawn I picked up at York Antiques Centre).

    Hope the wholesale order is going well xx

  3. lucky you, 2 on the same day, really like the crochet bag, could find that really useful x

  4. What lovely goodies you have received,the crochet bag is beautiful and that was so fast - I only just got my fabric!

  5. What lovely swap parcels - goodness you've received your Boudoir Swap parcel already - I've only just started crafting mine - eeekk -
    I have, however, just packaged up my Strawberry Swap parcel ready to post.
    So much fun!
    You have been spoilt
    Cat xxx

  6. OOhhh Jules is sooo on the ball! This is the first I have seen from my Boudoir Swap and its gorgeous (still making mine eeek). Lucky you though 2 swaps on one day. Loving your shop by the way!
    Deb {Fondantkiss} x

  7. Lovely parcels, I think I have a backlog accumalating!! I think my Fabric Addict parcel awaits me at the sorting office, my apron swap is still to arrive and I am parceling up my strawberry swap goodies this evening ready to post on Tuesday!! I just have to make my gift for the Boudoir swap and get it out by the end of the week and all will be well!!! Justine xx

  8. So glad you like the bag. I only learnt to crochet this year and am still a little wary of inflicting my makes on other people!