Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The children keep growing !, especially the two younger ones, although I do feel like I am saying to the older two "Have you not got any jeans that fit ?", or "Do you not have another top ?" a lot lately... Is it me or do they really grow more in the warmer weather ?....

Freya (10) is terrible at giving things up and replacing with new, I tried to go through her drawers a month or so ago to sort out things that were to small and said I would buy her new and was met with cries of "But there my favourite P.J.'s !" or "Please don't get rid of that !", even though they were probably two sizes to small for her...(I actually sneaked things out when she was at school and she has not yet noticed !)....

The two little girls Hebe (4) and Clemmie (2) love getting new things, but a bit of dress making was in order, they chose the fabrics themselves...

The spotty and the turquoise above are both Ikea fabrics...

As is the heart fabric...

And this daisy fabric was found in a basket of offcuts in the local fabric shop...

So they are both now kitted out for the rest of the Summer, I had to make them both one in each fabric as they like to 'match', no idea why ?...

Simple, easy and quick to make dresses that are very easy to wear....and can be made for Summer or like this one made from cord for the Autumn/Winter to wear with tights and over a long sleeved T.shirt...

I feel as though I never really mentioned Finn (9) in my posts, but that is not because he is forgotten, just that he is not of an age when he really wants anything 'made' for him !...


  1. Maria,
    You are a talented lady , love these little dresses , the simple design is so nice and suits so many different fabrics .I wish my granddaughters wore dresses :-(

  2. Look at you! I love all those dresses... so cute. :)

  3. Gorgeous dresses! Where is the pattern from? I'd like some cord ones for 'Little Miss H' for the autumn....

  4. They are very very sweet and remind me of Boden but I bet at a fraction of the cost!!
    Bet your girls look gorgeous in them!!
    Em xxx

  5. Those dresses are fabulous

  6. Those dresses are beautiful Maria! The daily one is fantastic. You're very talented. xx

  7. I almost wish I was a little girl again and could wear dresses like these!

  8. What fabulous dresses for your little girls. I love the daisy ones especially. Nice fabric choices all round though. Well done girls.

    I completely ulnderstand your frustration with Freya not letting her clothes go. My nine year old is exactly the same. She was in tears a few weeks back over the same thing. But some of the clothes were size 6!! I've whipped them away as the little ones will have nothing to grow into otherwise.

  9. I love those dresses! I bet the girls look great in them!

  10. Those are so cute! I love the IKEA fabric, unfortunately we can't go until we have enough money to spend there, because we always end up coming out with more stuff than we planned to buy. Luckily for me too, the girls are at the age where they are happy wearing momma made dresses.

    I swear, IKEA does that on purpose!

  11. You brought back a memory of my daughter who when at secondary school wore the same skirt from 1st year through to 5th year it was not as though she did not grow but she just loved the skirt so much and as she got older she wanted her skirts shorter (does that make sense)I nearly framed the darn thing when she finally went into her own clothes in 6th form. I must add I did buy her new skirts each term but we always seemed to go back to the No 1 skirt. Girls....

  12. Those little dresses look so comfortable and easy to wear, and all the fabrics are gorgeous. My favourite one has got to be the large daisy though, it is fabulous.

  13. I love the daisy fabric, those dresses are so pretty. I have a confession to make, when my girls wouldn't let me throw things away, I did it while they were at school and said they shrank in the wash. The only problem is that even now,they tell everyone I shrink everything.

  14. What sweet pretty dresses! You are clever, I am really impressed by dressmakers as I have never got the hang of it.

  15. These are amazing! What pattern do you use? My Chook has a very similar style tunic/dress from next and it looks great with skinny jeans - I'd love to make her a heavier one for the autumn (although I haven't made clothes since I was at school!)

  16. I LOVE these dresses!
    I remember Phoebe had some similar when she was little which grew with her.
    You're very talented - is this your own pattern?