Friday, 9 July 2010


I had a lovely surprise when catching up on blogs this morning, Hebe's envelope for the Meet me at Mikes envelope project has arrived at the Meet me at Mikes shop in Australia !

Pip who owns Meet me at Mikes empties the envelopes contents, photos the envelopes and puts them in her shop window...

The picture Hebe drew on the back of her envelope is on Pip's blog HERE

This is Hebe's envelope here in the UK...

And here it is in Australia ! How cool is that ?............

Photo taken from the Meet me at Mikes blog...

Can not wait to show Hebe when she comes home from nursery at lunchtime...

The winning envelope will be chosen at random on 2nd August, so if you get a envelope there by then you can still take part.....


  1. Bless her, would love to see her face when you tell her.
    I am some what taken with the Charlie and Lola stickers, must look out for them.

    Beki xxx

  2. How cool is that? She'll be totally stoked when she sees this!

  3. I bet your daughter will be thrilled when she gets home. Thanks for your comments, I don't always get back but I do read them. My machine will not do outlook for some reason so I need to go to comments on your page... oh well... these things are sent to try us. Have a good weekend.
    Beverley x

  4. That is so cute , love the little drawing and nice that is now adores the window in Australia .I hope you win!

  5. glad you reminded me about this... better get envelope making! bridget

  6. Dear Hebe,
    Thank you so much for your envelope! I really love your drawing a LOT. And I love Charlie and Lola a lot too! I hope you keep doing great drawings, Hebe. You are really good at it. Your drawing is really super happy! Thanks Hebe!

    xx Pip

  7. Anonymous10 July, 2010

    How cool is that. Hebe's drawing is fab.

  8. This is brilliant. Hebe must have been so pleased. I think that's what we're going to be working on on Monday - not sure how I'll share it out between all three but I'm sure I'll manage somehow! Juliex

  9. That is so sweet!!! Also love the name Hebe...its beautiful!!