Sunday, 15 August 2010


I have missed the last two Crafty Sunday's as we were in Ireland enjoying our holiday.  The day before leaving, and in between packing and other more important things I should have been doing, I put together the packages of fabric for the four other members of The quick Christmas bee...

I really wanted to do a Christmas bee, but then realising that time was running out decided to organise a UK based one with just five of us, as I thought that we could all manage to have a finished project in that tight time scale.

I have been wanting to make the children an Advent calendar with pockets for a couple of years, last year I made a Advent bear/mouse which my husband said was the most bizarre thing I have ever made !

I must admit it did not turn out as I had envisaged, especially as I had loosely based my idea on these...

I know, you can stop laughing now !....

Anyway after much searching I found this fantastic Advent calendar tutorial on Sew Mama Sew..

How gorgeous is this ?

So this week I did my pockets for the calendar...

I am really pleased with them and so simple..

Here they are with the five that arrived from Lynz..

Looking forward to receiving the remaining from the others in the group and getting it all quilted.

Then I just have to work out what I can put in the small pockets for four children..I did think maybe a piece of Lego that would buil up into a small model or maybe a bead each day that could be threaded into a necklace ?  Any other ideas would be much appreciated....


  1. I made an Advent calendar based on that one last year. They take a lot longer than you imagine to make them too. Finding little items is very tricky. I got sick of buying little rubbishy things to put in pockets years ago. Now I write activities on the backs of old Christmas cards related to Christmas. Like baking biscuits, decorating the tree, watching a Christmas movie, going out to see the lights, wrapping presents etc. It's amazing how many things you can think of and they don't cost a cent because you were going to do them anyway. It makes the build up really special too.

    Now about that bear/mouse... he's interesting that's for sure!! I'm sure your children loved him. Men can be so rude sometimes! Funnily enough I have that magazine out at the moment and saw those cute hanging elves. I think you can have too many Advent calendars.

  2. What a fantastic gift for your children. I'm loving the advent wall hanging
    I like the lego idea . . .

  3. I like the idea of Lego. It's going to be lovely when it's finished :)

  4. So lovely! Shall we do an Advent blog thing again this year, for you to show us how it's going?

    When our boys were younger I always put some seeds in one pocket - perhaps cress, for a quick result. I also used to put in stickers. Christmas-cracker style jokes were a hit this last year (groan). But I think the Lego idea is great!

  5. What a super idea for an Advent calendar.
    It is difficult to find nice things for pockets without resorting to cheap bits and pieces. Maybe coloured pencils, funny rubbers, little notebooks?

  6. PS Maria, there are instructions on how to make Apple jelly listed now on my last post.

  7. WOW, that is going to be fab when finished, I have tried all sorts with my 2 (6&4) sweets, doodles & letters, hair clips, bits of stationary but the thing that really get them excited is money !! We are only talking coppers & 5p's out my purse, 6p one day 4p the next but they love it & keep it all together adding it up until all the days pass !! its also very easy to organise