Tuesday, 12 October 2010


My parcel from Crafty Helen's Pumpkin Patch swap arrived yesterday, I was partnered with Aija of Crafty Smiles, these are the parcels sat in a little patch on sunlight on the kitchen table...


And here they are all opened up.  What goodies Aija sent me; a lovely zippered pouch, a Halloween pot towel and pot holder, buttons, fabric, sweets, chocolate, a vase, wooden pumpkin and bat and a great recipe for cookies...

Thank you for such a great parcel Aija...

Thought I would share the next couple of photos with you that Freya took from the car window last night on the way to be dropped off in Blackpool to walk through the illuminations with Cubs..

This one is the windmill on The Green next to the estuary which is two minute walk from our house...

And this one is the sunset over Granny's Bay which is about a 20 minute walk from our house, round the other side of this bay are a stretch of sand dunes and then you hit the bright lights of Blackpool...


  1. Aija always comes up trumps with her parcels does'nt she.... I have not been to Blackpool in ages although it is round the corner from me but after seeing your photos I may go along this weekend to see the lights. Have a great day.
    Beverley x

  2. The girl has serious talent! Those pics are just beautiful. Clever girl!

  3. Granny's Bay - what a great name! Lovely swap goodies -Aija is great as a swap partner xx

  4. What great photo's - I love windmills.

  5. Beautiful photos! Lovely Sunset!

  6. Ooooh, the photograph of the windmill is beautiful.
    Great swap parcel, you got some lovely goodies.

  7. Nice one. I am glad you like it. I do want to see the finished product of those cookies (ha,ha,ha ),i made them once-they looked well scary but very yummy.
    Thanks for kind words Beverly and Annie- you are great too. xxxxxx

  8. What a lovely parcel. I love the photo your daughter took of the sunset.......beautiful.
    florrie x

  9. what a fun swap ... and we have windmills in common - I love them (2 near me). Your pictures are lovely. xxx

  10. Fantastic photos! A great parcel to receive too, the Pumkin Patch swap was a great idea!
    Received your letter today (was away for the weekend) and was amused that we had both chosen Cath Kidston writing paper! :) x