Saturday, 6 November 2010


I really do seem to be the cushion queen at the moment....

I had a call from a friend of a friend who asked me to go to her house to discuss about making some cushions for a new chair she had bought...

The chair was a sculptured black leather one that sits on a open landing at the top of her stairs, around the landing she had some large pieces of artwork...

The brief was to make two cushions that picked up the colours of the artwork...

I was given a free reign (always a bit nervous when someone does that, because your interpretation can be completely different to theirs !), the client said that she liked patchwork, and I immediately thought of the really bright velvet and satin patchwork furniture that I have seen on the pages of Elle decoration this year...

I mentioned velvets, satins etc and it was agreed that texture would be good, so off I went and these cushions are what I came up with....

I used velvet, shot silk, cord, satin, an Amy Butler print and even a bit of Kaffe..

I enjoyed making these, although it is a bit difficult working in different textures as the fabrics slip about and stretch in different ways, but I and am pleased with the result, and more importantly so was the recipient when she picked them up last night..


  1. These work so well with the fabulous pictures, you did a great job matching them up!

  2. I love those cushions. I'm sure they will look really good in their new home - will we get to see a photo?
    Jille x

  3. I should think she was delighted. You have captured the spirit of the art so well in the colours you have used.

  4. Beautiful cushion. I love the fact that you have used different textures and different sizes of fabric. Love it. x

  5. The cushions look great, well done on matching them to the art! You're definitely doing well with the cushions just now! :) x

  6. Absolutely perfect! Colours just right and the different textures make them so much more interesting. Well done business woman!

  7. what beautiful jewel colours, so vibrant and in keeping. Your work goes so well with the cushions - by the way you were up early this morning! thanks for popping by. xxx

  8. Very clever. I agree, it is quite scary to be given so much free reign but it looks like you have done a fantastic job. Juliex

  9. Beautiful cushion fantastic vibrant colours.