Sunday, 30 January 2011

 This is what I found on the kitchen table when I came down this morning , these two are Hebe's Jelly Cat's, she has two as having found out from bitter experience with her older brother and sister, much upset can come from the loss of a special toy...
So now she has a spare, but as she tends to take them both everywhere with her we would have double the upset if she lost them !, so that Idea has not really worked...

All my children have 'special toys', from left to right we have 'Hippo' belonging to Freya 11 years, 'Monkey' who is Finn's aged 10, ' Jelly Cat' (the one pictured here is the sad one apparently, and if you look at the picture above the one on the left is the happy one and the one on the right is the sad one, who would question the thoughts of a 5 year old !), and lastly we have 'Rabbity' who belongs to Clemmie aged 3 years...

Anyway, back to Hebe and her Jelly cat's, they had had an accident, one (happy) had bumped into a house and broke it's leg and the other (sad) had fallen out of the rocket it was flying and broken both its arm and its leg !

Goodness, it was a good job nurse |Hebe was on hand to administer first aid and stickers, the stickers were for being good patients, like you get when you go to the dentist....

UPDATE : the happy Jelly cat has recovered from a broken leg and arm and is left with only a little spot, but unfortunately now has a broken ear, I am glad to say that 'sad' jelly cat is fully recovered....


  1. They all look well loved! I love the little Jellycat duo!

  2. Awwww how cute! We have 'smelly rag' which is the muslin and merino wraps the kids were wrapped in as babies. And I still have my Koala bear :)

  3. Sad cat looks very familiar. Our No.4 has Kitten who is in very similar condition due to being tucked under an arm most days. There is something so lovely about a very loved toy. I hate to wash Kitten but No.4 does insist sometimes!

    A very sentimental little row of toys. Oh and I adore that first aid kit.

  4. Aww, I love kids stories, Hebe has a good imagination! Glad that sad jellcat has recovered and happy jellycat is on the mend! :) x

  5. So eldest son who's now 31 still has a favourite teddy tucked away somewhere,lol.

    Because of problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

    Hope you still visit,
    florrie x